Cervesa Salsa

Salsa – the spanish word for sauce – in English speaking countries typically refers to a sauce typical of Mexican cuisine. Salsa’s are usually tomato based, but that is by no means a rule carved in stone. Making salsas, and sauces in general, is a great place in the kitchen to get creative and experiment with your favorite flavors.

The recipe we’re going to share today is for a tomato based Cervesa (beer) Salsa – this is something Chef Kait and Chef Ashley brought back with them from their culinary endeavors in Mexico.

salsa_mexico_recipe_cervesa_beer_fresh_homemadeTraditionally, salsas are made with a motar and pestle, but with modern day kitchen tools, blenders and food processors have made the process much easier. Personally, I like chopping all the ingredients by hand and tossing them together, but I just find slicing and chopping things soothing – you can do whatever process you’re most comfortable with.  Continue reading “Cervesa Salsa”


What’s Fresh Ingredient of the Week – Dried Chiles


Pictured Above – clockwise starting from the top – Dried Hibiscus Flowers (Flor De Jamaica), Pasilla Chiles, Morita Chile Pods (Chile Morita), and Guijillo Chili Pods (Chili Guajillo)

Inspired by our Mexican themed week here at Easy Entertaining our ingredient of the week comes to us from across borders – dried chiles! Don’t worry though, these items can easily be found in the international section of your local supermarket.

This weeks tips come from Chef Kait with her newfound knowledge on Mexican Cuisine and their extensive use of dried chiles.   Continue reading “What’s Fresh Ingredient of the Week – Dried Chiles”