A Mexican Culinary Experience

Mexico_culinary tour_Chef_ana garcia_open kitchen

salsa_fresh_prep_mexico_culinary tour_ana garcia

tortillas_mexico_mexican_culinary tour_ana garcia_chef

fresh_tortillas_mexico_culinary tour_ana garcia

banana leaves_mexico_culinary tour_chef_ana garcia

enchiladas_mexico_culinary tour_chef_ana garcia

breakfast_huevos_eggs_mexico_culinary tour_ana garcia

empinadas_mexico_culinary tour_ana garcia_chefoutdoor market_mexico_culinary tour_ana garciachiles_mexico_cuisine_culinary tour_ana garcia

beans_culinary tour_mexico_ana garcia_

market_mexico_culinary tour_ana garcia_chef

Chef Kait and Chef Ashley are at it again – traveling abroad and bringing back lots of beautiful pictures, tips and tricks for us who remain stateside. Recently they traveled to La Villa Bonita in Tepotzlan Mexico where they took part in a “Culinary Vacation” with famed Chef Ana Garcia.  There they took private culinary classes with Chef Garcia and a small group and learned about things such as salsas, chiles, masa, tortillas, and so much more.

The above pictures show things such as the open markets – similar to our farmers markets but theirs are every day – enchiladas, quesadillas, salsa prep, tortillas, the village, and more.

Chef Kait and Chef Ashley are so excited to teach our upcoming Viva Mexico class on March 10th featuring highlights from their trip and tour. Our Tasting Dinner this month, on March 13th, was also inspired by their trip.  Unlike any other tasting dinner we’ve done before, this will feature an a la carte menu or guests can choose a 5 course “Trust the Chef” tasting.

Upon her return Chef Kait says, “We were so honored to learn about authentic Mexican cuisine from Chef Ana Garcia this past week in La Villa Bonita. Everything from her detailed descriptions of dried chiles to demonstrations of how to hand make fresh corn tortillas has deeply impacted our culinary perspective and we can’t wait to share it with our clients of Easy Entertaining.”

Stay tuned for more travel posts from the Easy Entertaining team and a whole new catering menu inspired by their trip – to debut in April just in time for Cinco De Mayo!

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